At Oxford Living, our reputation for dependability, affordability and comfort is earned every day in every community in everything we do. Our success is an extension of what we value, namely:

Great People

We are in the people business! Each Oxford Living community is its own distinct world, with its own rhythm and flow. Our local, on-site teams are led by highly-professional General Managers who are compassionate, well-trained and committed to delivering high levels of care and service.

Across all Oxford Living communities we are committed to hiring, promoting and valuing great people. Our team members are positive and service-focused, they work hard and care passionately about our residents. They are the “doers”, the “go-getters”, the “thinkers” and the problem-solvers who make life in Oxford communities exceptional.  Our team members take pride in the places in which they work and you’ll see the difference from the second you step foot into an Oxford community. 

Environments that Enable Whole-Person Wellness

At each Oxford Living community our teams work tirelessly to create environments that promote Whole Person Health and Wellness.  Whole person wellness is an integrated approach to our residents’; emotional, mental, physical, social and spiritual wellness.  Whole person health is the cornerstone in helping  our residents maintain their independence and enjoy life.

Inviting Facilities

While we start and end with great people, we also take great pride in our facilities. Oxford Living communities are clean, spacious and unassuming.

Our apartment-like suites are tastefully-appointed and personalized by residents; our common areas are clean, inviting and well-maintained and our properties are park-like; manicured, lush and pleasing.

Just like the residents we serve, Oxford Living communities have rich histories, positive legacies and position of prominence in the cities and towns in which they operate. We take great pride in these legacies and aim to be active, engaged and responsible community partners.